My Journey

A little about me......

As a child I went through a considerable amount of grief and trauma at a very young age. When I was about 4, my parents separated. Until my mom got full custody of my brother and I, we were separated and I lived with my dad. After my mom got custody of both us children, my dad went away on a trip to the Dominican Republic where he was in a collision and in that moment our lives were changed. 

At 5 years old, my heart broke at the passing of my dad.  It is a loss that still affects me today. So much of my life was altered by those first two significant experiences in my childhood.  It affected so many relationships and decisions I made as a teenager and young adult. 

I was not ready to begin my healing journey until my 30’s after the birth of my first child. All the trapped pain and built up emotions from my childhood could no longer be contained as the demands of motherhood, along with postpartum depression and sleep deprivation took its toll and my body stopped functioning properly (especially my adrenal glands). With the help of my wonderful naturopath doctor my journey to healing began. 

Many teachers and healers have been apart of my journey. Each one bringing something I needed to allow the transformation to grow personally and spiritually.  Reiki has been so impactful on my own healing journey and along the way I was guided to become a Reiki Practitioner. 

I have learned to see a bigger meaning and purpose to all the challenges I have faced in this life. Challenges give us an opportunity to grow. 

Even in moments when we feel lost and alone, we are not. We are surrounded by the love and support of our angels and loved ones in spirit. That guidance is available to all of us as we make the space to receive it.

No matter what happens to us, which we choose to perceive as good or bad, it is all here to teach us something. Though sometimes, we need a little guidance and clarity from others who are shining their light to remind us how to shine our own. We are all capable of living life in a place of more love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude and understanding.....from the heart.

Joy is part of our journey and life can be beautiful!

The journey continues....

Our souls are here on earth to grow, learn and experience. I have had many teachers and mentors on this journey who have helped guide me along the way.  I continue to spend time reading spiritual books, taking courses and learning.  To be of best service to others, I am guided to continue my journey of healing, personal and spiritual growth.  

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